The respect of Heritage

The Savès family

has lived in the heart Bouzy since 1894, as indicated in some registers that still exist today.

Eugène Savès, an agricultural engineer by trade, founded the house when he married Anaïs Jolicoeur, the daughter of a Wine producer from this picturesque village.
A persuasive man of character and a real lover of the land, he soon realised how important it was to produce his own wine and he threw himself into the adventure of wine production.

Since then, over the years, Louis, Camille and Hervé have followed in their father’s footsteps as head of the House, perpetuating the family values that established its reputation.

Hervé and his wife Nathalie, alongside their son Arthur, currently work around ten hectares of vineyards with an average age of 35. The terroirs all have Grand Cru (Bouzy, Ambonnay and Tours-sur-Marne) or Premier Cru (Tauxières)

As wine producers, it is our duty to perpetuate the legacy handed down by our grand-fathers and fathers with the same love of the land and the same passion for wine...

The small independent winemaker is immensely proud of its terroir, predominantly situated in historical Grand Cru territory, which is a vital component of every great wine.

On vineyards with perfect due south exposure and soil with a high chalk content, the Savès family carefully tends its excellent Pinot Noir and Chardonnay grapes all year round, regardless of the weather. For it is these grapes which are used to produce and blend the nest range of champagnes.

With preservation of the environment utmost in their mind, the Savès’ have adopted an approach which is respectful of nature. No herbicides or insecticides are used and the soil is worked mainly with organic and natural treatments.

The collection

Each vignette has a long rest in the silence and darkness of our deep chalk caves.